Han Ul Yoon

huyoon.jpg Grauate Student
Artificial Intelligence Research Group
1514 Beckman Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
405 N. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801
(217)244-1372 (office)
(217)417-6604 (mobile)

*Not So Short Introduction to Han-Ul Yoon.

*My academic adviser is Prof. Seth Hutchinson.

[Fall 2006]
- CS446: Machine Learning
- CS498: Planning Algorithm
[Spring 2007]
- ECE550: Advanced Robotic Planning (some movies)
- ECE448: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
[Summer 2007]
- ECE410: Digital Signal Processing I
[Fall 2007]
- AE498: Intelligent Mobile Navigation(team homepage)
- GE598: Principles of Optimal Design
[Spring 2008]
- Qualifying Exam
[Fall 2008]
- ECE515: Control System Theory and Design
[Spring 2009]
- ECE528: Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
[Fall 2009]
- ECE580: Optimization by Vector Space Method (Audit)

Last Update: 12/28/2009