AE498MPA - Intelligent Mobile Navigation


Cesar Corzo (contact)
ECE Undergrad, Senior

Han Yoon (contact)
ECE Grad, 2nd year

Kyle Smith (contact)
AE Undergrad, Senior

Course Advisor

Tim Bretl (contact)
AE, Assistant Professor

Course Description

In this course you will learn the basic principles of motion planning by focusing on their application to navigation aids, which help real people make real decisions. Student teams will each work with a new Nokia N95 smartphone, donated by Nokia Palo Alto Research. We will use these phones as a platform to discuss embedded software development (with a crash course in Symbian C++ programming), localization and mapping (using GPS signals), search algorithms (to generate driving directions), and human-machine interaction (optimal interface design). The course will culminate in student projects.

(note: the "Course Description" is excerpted from AE498MPA course syllabus.)

Nokia N95 Features

Important Dates

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