Who am I? I am a software engineer at Google. I recently completed my PhD at Illinois in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I worked in the robotics, control, and artificial intelligence groups.

What do I do? I construct algorithms and techniques for modeling, prediction, and control for stochastic systems. I focus on learning optimal policies (also known as planning for or optimizing) for POMDPs. While this class of models is extremely useful, it is notoriously difficult (NP-Hard) to utilize.

Why should you care? Many systems can be modeled with this type of process. Better algorithms in this area mean more efficient and reliable devices, robots, networks, computer systems, populations, vehicles... etc. If you're interested in a (very, very) few applications of this work see my projects and publications pages.

What are my other research interests? I am generally interested in a wide variety of topics in the robotics, control, and machine learning communities. I studied mechatronics, complex systems, game theory, computer vision, nonlinear analysis and control, modeling and verification, and legal and business issues in engineering. Aside from my primary research topic, I published on path planning for humanoid robots, the visibility pursuit-evasion problem, probabalistic search, and control systems security.

Need to know more? Explore my web site, send me email, or connect with me on a social network (etc., etc.). While I'll try to address your inquiry, please don't be upset if you don't hear back from me. After all, we hardly know each other.