A selection of projects I've participated in are shown on this page. I've recently updated this site, so I'll be adding more links to this page time allows.

Minimum Uncertainty Navigation

... or the importance of knowing where you ultimately stand.

Planning for Large Partially-Observed Stochastic Systems

POMDP optimization for big, nasty systems.

POMDP Stochastic Search

Find what you're searching for, despite making a lot of mistakes along the way.

Bone Scaffold Recognition

Computer vision providing important research metrics.

Mechatronics Robot Contest

Interesting problems, fun videos.

Impress2Beamer : A converter from OOImpress to Latex Beamer slides.

GUI design of latex quality slides.

Magellan Robot Client-Server Interface

We didn't like theirs. So, we built an interface where you can draw a path in lines, arcs, and exponential spirals and send it remotely to the robot to track.

Robot Security Guard

Small, reliable, cheap, effective.

Reachability Analysis for Robotic Motion Planning

I used techniques from verification of hybrid systems. Lots of math = firm guarantees on safety of robot motion.

Course Paper, Presentation

Humanoid Robot Simulation Environment

i.e., "research uses of video game tech."

Humanoid Path Planning

Walk, don't run.

Detecting Intrusion Faults in Remotely Controlled Systems

Cryptographic techniques to ensure you are in control.

Visibility-Based Pursuit Evasion

A prelude to lots of game theory.

Four Link Walking Manipulator

An experiment in planning and the things that can go wrong.

Structure from Motion: Image-Based 3D Reconstruction

Kalman filter-based point tracking, Tomasi-Kanade, plus more to reconstruct an object and how its moving from a video stream. Cameo for the UIUC Bear.

Smart RSS Reader

NLP-assisted RSS filter and reader. Less stuff you don't care about, more reading.

Path Planning using Genetic Algorithms

This project tested GA on a computationally hard problem. GA works, but there are better algorithms out there if you want to do motion planning. Please stop requesting and citing this course project. This is the wrong way to do motion planning!

The Digital Millinium Copyright Act: Historical Context and Future Implications

An engineering law term paper on a subject more nuanced problem than many think.

Course Literature Reviews

Code for Courses and Projects